Compound Interest Calculator

Using Compound Interest Calculator to plan your finance goal. Use our compound interest calculator to see how the power of compound interest can grow your savings or investments over time.

Your savings account balances and investments can grow more quickly over time through the magic of compounding. Use the compound interest calculator above to see how big a difference it could make for you.

Using this compound interest calculator

  • Try your calculations both with and without a monthly contribution — say, $50 to $200, depending on what you can afford.

  • This savings calculator includes a sample rate of return. 

Combining the power of interest compounding with regular, consistent investing over a prolonged period of time can be a highly effective approach for increasing your wealth - a strategy of compound growth. You can use a compound interest calculator to create a projection for compound growth for your savings account or investment over a time period, based upon an anticipated rate of interest.

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