A Pip Calculator is a web tool that converts the price change for a financial instrument from a pips to a trading currency for a position of a specified size.

In addition to calculating the amount of pips, the tools also helps determine the starting price of an instrument and the price to which it changed.


With Profit Calculator, you can simulate forex profit trades. In accordance with some forex broker policies, it allows users to specify position and account details, calculates margin requirements, volume and rollover commissions, as well as resulting profit or loss.


There is a wide selection of Forex instruments and commodity, index, and stock CFDs, as well as current and historical spot prices.


Calculate forex trading position size in units of a base currency based on amount at risk and stop loss.

Forex Currency Converter

By displaying historical charts and tables of live quotes, the advanced version of the Currency Converter widget on websites adds perspective to a simple currency calculator. A handy travel reference card is also provided - a cheatsheet with a list of conversion results for predefined round amounts for selected currencies.

During the conversion itself, Dukascopy Bank adjusts the result by the commission it would charge for the operation.


The list of available instruments includes the US Dollar (USD), the Euro (EUR), the Japanese Yen (JPY), the British Pound (GBP), the Swiss Franc (CHF), the Canadian Dollar (CAD), the Australian Dollar (AUD), the New Zealand Dollar (NZD), the South African Rand (ZAR), and gold (XAU).

Forex Margin Requirement

According to Dukascopy Bank SA minimum margin policy, the Margin Requirements web widget determines the amount of equity required for opening a position on a trading account. Clients are protected from incurring liability beyond their equity, and Dukascopy Bank SA is protected from associated risks.

SWFX's marketplace enables clients to execute trades larger than their deposit size, thereby amplifying the effects of price movement. It is possible to increase the default leverage, with the margin necessary depending on the desired leverage, instrument, and current market prices. The trading line is calculated by multiplying the equity in the account by the leverage agreed upon with Dukascopy Bank SA. CFDs on currency pairs, metals, commodities, indexes, and stocks can be calculated by the widget.


Note that some instruments have higher margin requirements (or lower available leverage) than others due to specific trading conditions. Special requirements are also imposed on weekends and other off-market days.