How To Start MyForexFactory Copy Trade


Introduction Of Portfolio 1:

Our forex portfolio 1 is auto trading by our most advanced algorithm AI forex robot, combine multiple formula with mix strategy, include forex market martingale strategy as we understand not all formula can fit into one market and condition.  The trading is non-stop and will carry out 24 hours trading on the forex market open day. 

How To Copy Portfolio 1:

1. To start copy and follow our portfolio 1 is very simple, register the broker here,

2. Login to the copy trade apps via this link

3. Deposit the amount into your copy trade apps to start

4. After deposit on your copy trade apps , find the signal on this link.

5. Or look for algo trade from the trader list and press Start Copying

to follow our signal



Introduction Of Portfolio 2:

Our forex portfolio 2 is manual traded by team of experiences forex trader ,  fix lot size and follow fund amount, not frequent trade , we aim to maintain and target around 7-12% grow month depends on the market condition. To check and see portfolio 2 performance, click here.

How To Copy Portfolio 2:

1. Register the broker here , get your profile and account verified.

2. After register you can message us here we will guide you the details and steps how to copy and hook up to trader account.

3. There is some basic steps can be found here on how to deposit & make withdrawal on triumphfx, follow the same link to choose YURI Rothenberg PAMM fund .