Get $100 for free from our broker and pump up your trading skills

The majority of new traders quit within a month, according to the report. A person's turning point generally occurs when they have to invest real money, for whatever reason, from "this isn't my thing" to "I lost everything". While waiting to jump over that embarrassing 40% group, here is where the real magic begins:

Practicing. Training. As in sports.

As a result, one of our best brokers has launched the "Trade 100 Bonus". Check out these encouraging statistics that illustrate why investing more and building your skills are the key to financial independence before diving into the details.

  • Traders will only last an average of five years on the market

  • Among them, traders with strong past performance go on to earn strong returns

  • The profits of those who survive to the fifth and subsequent years tend to exponentially increase

Perseverance and workouts are what make the difference between success and failure. Here's how it works: Trade 100 Bonus empowers you to become even more successful.

Get $100 for free here

From the FBS official website, you can access the "Trade 100 Bonus.". To receive your $100, simply click the button. Nevertheless, before you go ahead, here are some things to consider:

  • You must have a MetaTrader5 account

  • You can only trade major currencies

  • Using bonus funds can't be done with robots. You need to learn the process, remember?

  • The bonus will not be paid until you have traded for at least 1 month after receiving it

  • Your Broker Account with a leverage of 1:100

There are no problems with any of those, so you can request the bonus directly. Here's how you do that.

Here's how:

1. Open an account called "Trade 100 Bonus".

That's it. It takes seconds. There is already $100 in your account. But there is still more to do.

2. Trade for at least thirty days

It is necessary to have 30 active trading days (in case you forgot, an active trading day is one when an order is opened or closed). The progress can be tracked in your Personal Area.

3. Fulfill the conditions

All conditions listed below need to be met in order for the bonus to apply.

  • A difference of positive pips (the total number of pips from profitable orders has to be greater than that of losing orders) is required.

  • During the thirty consecutive trading days, the client should have traded at least five lots

  • In order to withdraw your profit, you need to fulfill the bonus's conditions within 50 days

Possible pitfalls

It's easy to understand the Trade 100 Bonus, but there are a few things to highlight before you get started:

  • To qualify, orders must have a difference between opening and closing prices of at least 10 points (100 pips).

Consider the example below:

The difference between the opening and closing price of EURUSD is 0.00246 = 246 pips if you purchase EURUSD at 1.13234 and close the deal at 1.13480;

A difference of 10 points (100 pips) occurs between the opening and closing prices when you buy EURJPY at 110,657 and close the deal at 110.757.

  • $100 is the profit available for withdrawal.

Therefore, you cannot simply withdraw the $100 you earned upon registering. $100 must be traded.

It's completely understandable - the bonus is intended to bring you some practice, not to just give you some free cash. Profits can also only be withdrawn once.

  • Bonuses can only be claimed once.

To whom does the bonus apply?

A Trade 100 Bonus is a wonderful gift for newcomers since it allows them to get started on Forex trading with no initial investment, to become familiar with it, and to gain confidence in the process. On top of that, FBS offers a whole bunch of free educational materials to improve your trading performance even further.

Meanwhile, experienced traders can also claim the bonus in order to familiarize themselves with the platform and trade with great conditions.

Getting started with FBS "Trade 100 Bonus" is the easiest and most reliable way if you don't wish to risk your own funds. FBS customer support team is ready to address any remaining questions you may have. Hopefully, we made it clear, but if you have more questions, please contact them.

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