How To Start Trade Forex?

Your goal is to start a Forex trading business - to be your own boss, to trade currencies, to make a lot of money.So, where do you begin?”.”. The natural question is “Where to start?”. Fortunately, we have a simple answer for you! The steps below will guide you on a short path to financial freedom. Links are provided at each step to provide clear instructions on how to complete each step.

1. Join a licensed forex broker by clicking HERE.

You will receive your trading password and open a trade account during this step. A personal area will be provided to you, where you can deposit the funds that you will need to trade.

2. Download Forex trading software

Choose a software option that suits you, download it and login. You will get connected to the Forex market!

3. Discover the basics of Forex

What exactly is trading? What currencies can you trade? When can you trade? We have prepared a few short videos to answer these questions.

4. Open your first trade

Get your first taste of trading! See for yourself that it’s quite easy to open and close a Forex trade.

5. Find out more about Metatrader

At this point, we recommend you explore the trading terminal in greater detail and study all its important features.

6. Learn how to analyze the market

After you found out how to open trades, you will need to decide which trades to open – buy or sell. For that purpose, study how to ‘read’ price charts and understand economic news.

7. Start controlling your risks

Discover how to reduce your risk exposure and increase your profit potential at the start.

By following these steps, you will be well prepared to trade Forex. Your level of commitment and ambition will determine your success. Make every trade a better one by learning, practicing, and getting better at it!

We are always available to support you. Take part in our regular webinars for free and learn directly from Forex professionals!

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