Portfolio 1:

How To Register Portfolio 1:

1. To start copy and follow our portfolio 1 is very simple, register the broker here,

 and after that just go to this link.

2. You need to register a mql5 account in order to copy the signal.

3. After login to your mql5 account, click on the copy on the green button as shown.

4. Please follow the setting suggestion on the description there.

Alternately , you can also copy the signal from FBS copy trade apps, here is the signal publish on FBS copy trade . Click here


Portfolio 2:

How To Register For Portfolio 2.

1. Register the broker here , get your profile and account verified.

2. After register you can message us here we will guide you the details and steps how to copy and hook up to trader account.

3. There is some basic steps can be found here on how to deposit & make withdrawal on triumphfx, follow the same link to choose YURI Rothenberg PAMM fund . 

important to receive free bonus!

In order to receive FREE BONUS value $6000. After success register with the broker, fulfill the minimum deposit requirement for the copy trade, we will guide you hook up to the master trader account.

Please send us your MT4 account Information with your full name here in order to receive the Exclusive bonus .